News on the Low-Power FM Front

According to this AP story, the FCC has released a report (6-page .pdf) to congress stating that low-power FM stations "do not pose a significant risk of causing interference to existing full-service FM stations" and is urging Congress to lift limitations on the number of neighborhood broadcast licenses. Keep an eye out for the fine Future of Music Coalition to say something intelligent about this soon.

A little background

The NAB (bringing you homogenized radio sold to major labels) has traditionally fought tooth and nail against LPFM, claiming that 10 and 100-watt microbroadcasters, even on separate frequencies, would ruin the sound of existing radio stations pumping out tens of thousands of watts. They even notoriously fabricated and handed out to Congress a CD greatly dramatizing this effect, but apparently the new FCC studies have proven this myth false. Surely we can can trust Congress to choose science over special interests!

NPR fans may be surprised to learn that it is also against LPFM. This is unfortunate, but I guess even non-profits have to protect their monopoly on intelligent radio.

a little rain

She was 15 years old and never seen the ocean.
She climbed into a van with a vagabond.
And the last thing she said was, "I love you mom."
And a little rain never hurt no one.

– from Tom Wait’s "A Little Rain" performed live by the Innocence Mission (mp3). Full lyric.

I’ve only heard a few Tom Waits songs–his voice is a bit too much for me–but I’ll have to check out "Bone Machine", which a couple of my favorite songwriters seem to regard highly.

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