No Thanks! (this is good)

Rhino put together a 4 CD, 100-song definitive overview of 70’s punk rock called No Thanks!: The 70s Punk Rebellion. Pitchfork gave it a 10 and from the looks of it it probably deserves it. While a lot of us have heard most of the songs, it’s gonna be a blast to put together that fifth CD ourselves. Picking gems from the Pebbles series and other random punk comps, fun stuff you’ve stumbled upon on SoulSeek, stuff that came too soon or a little too late to make the cut. The Pitchfork review will give you a few ideas (Misfits). Come to think of it, several years back my friend Dan snagged one of his dad’s incoming Time-Life Music cassettes Sounds of the Seventies: Punk and New Wave that turned out to be a pretty good intro to all the stuff you miss growing up on a diet of mostly hip-hop, stuff from skate videos and the Cure.

Meanwhile, I’m still a big softie for love songs.

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