Miami Art Lessons

Sandi’s is now online. She’s giving private art lessons for Miami-area kids.

I based this site on my new ‘new site’ folder, which is a working empty site built on XHTML strict templates, CSS, .htaccess, and some scripts (like my form mailer). Now I can just copy a folder and start modifying templates and CSS, so future sites (that don’t need to be based on a larger CMS/blog software) should come together a lot more quickly.

I still need a few more generalized scripts to generate menu lists (single and nested) and navigate image galleries in different ways. Also I’d really like to somehow integrate one of those slick FF/IE-based XHTML content editors so clients could make small adjustments.

The way the template system was designed, the content is easy to edit in Dreamweaver’s design view without fear of breaking the CSS layout and it appears without the external CSS so you can make sure your markup makes structural sense. It does have a way to include CSS in the page’s STYLE block if needed.

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  1. says:

    Hey, I like the new design for the blog. I’d been here a while back and you were talking about a redesign then. Looks good.

    Fellow Floridian,


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