Cheers for Ruins

If you too love urban ruins, has awesome photography of abandoned hospitals, churches, libraries, factories—you name it—with all structures well categorized and documented. Don’t miss the wallpaper.

A decent Gainesville find is in the woods directly South of where Shealy Dr. ends. My coworkers and I used to walk the mile along Shealy Dr. and Ritchy Rd. every day and I finally convinced them it was a Great Idea to explore the trail into the woods where Shealy Dr. ends. It runs South along the edge of the open field and down to Bivens Arm, but if you head Southwest when you see water you’ll come across an abandoned brick house in the middle of the woods. The roof is caved in and kids have spray painted pentagrams and nonsense on the walls, but still awesome. A trail also heads West along the North side of Bivens Arm.

I just got life insurance; who’s up for some misguided exploring and documentation of “Satan House”?

3 thoughts on “Cheers for Ruins

  1. I think the biggest surprise to me on that Google Map is the presence of a dog track behind the CMS building on SW 16th Avenue. Weird.

    But, sure, I’m up for Satan House. I’ll bring my camera. Photos will help the medical examiner identify our corpses, or what’s left of them on the torso pile.

  2. Jeff says:

    On this subject: In my years of delivering construction materials all over the UF campus I had a chance to explore some neat places without fear of a security beatdown.
    These include the service tunnels under some of the older dorms and some roads. One had a mural I recognized from TV years before, a crisp “Late Night with David Letterman” spray painted on it’s brick walls down the corridor. The tunnels had low ceilings and you had to hunch over to move through them. I don’t know how far they go but I never saw the end of them. There were even some old piles of coal down there from back when the buildings used coal fired furnaces.
    Also had the chance to go up in the bell tower, there is a lot of space up there, but all the rooms were vacant. Dana I bet you now have the connections to get into all these cool places.. get your camera and go!

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