Don’t spread ATSLD’s and ATSCD’s

Hi. Someone thinks you’re reading an Awful Thing Some Liberal(s) Did or an Awful Thing Some Conservative(s) Did.

In today’s hyper-partisan America it can feel great to share these things, but are you demonizing your friends and family who happen to think differently? Are you deluding yourself and your peers that the Other Side is awful? Are you being used as a tool for propagandists?

Ask yourself…

Does this story/piece of media serve a public good, e.g. help to solve a crime or publicize an abuse that should be stopped?

Or is it framed as “how those monsters on the Other Side behave” or “they caused or wanted this to happen”?

Do the subjects represent the common views/behaviors that the side depicted would embrace?

Or is it an extreme that would be rejected by the vast majority?

Do I want to be tarred by the worst behavior among the 100,000,000 or so people in my in group?

Please consider bowing out of this divisive mess.

Don’t share or like it. Call it out as propaganda. It doesn’t represent you or me.

Don’t feel bad about muting the hyper-partisan bomb-throwers. Nothing you say can stop them or their fervent followers from demonizing you, and you’ll exhaust yourself trying.

Get out of your bubble, follow kind people on the other side, and be kind.

Crunchiest Steely Dan chord? “Fire in the Hole”

The pre-chorus is in, well, we can say 3 flats. First there’s an Ab Eb/G resolving to Bb (which sounds like the key), then a little Abmaj7/C Bb/C Cm build up that ends with Abmaj7 Ebmaj7/G Ab (the key sounds more like Eb here). Then things get weird.

Ab is followed by Ab7/Gb, but while it sounds like the bass is heading down toward a Db/F chord, at 0:42 the bass jumps back up into into this striking Ab13#11 with no 3rd. The melody is also great here; just chord tones. It resolves to G7sus G7 Cm.

This Ab13 is basically a tritone sub for D7, but the 9th and #11 decorations also evoke the sound of a bVII dom7 “backdoor” chord in Bb. The key briefly sounded like Bb in the pre-chorus, so I think that resemblance isn’t accidental, but anyway… This was a tough one to figure out by ear. I could hear the embedded aug triad, but the recording is right in the cracks making playing along basically impossible. I had to retune an acoustic guitar with ancient, very dead strings.