I make music. Here’s some of it.

The French Horns (2004–2005)

Old web site 🔥 some stuff on Soundcloud 🔥 I wrote the songs, sung poorly, especially live, and played guitar and some bass. I recorded these, and it went OK for the demo, but later perfectionism drove the process and the band into the ground.

Brittle Stars (1998–2001)

Facebook 🔥 Spotify 🔥 Old web site

I played guitar and some keys and did some of the later recordings; the ones where the drums sound awful. “Souvenir” is a cover.

Andrew Chadwick captured video of our best live shows for the 2008 reunion:

Other mostly complete songs/instrumentals

Rough demos

Piano/keyboard compositions

…of greatly varying quality.

Songs I edited/remixed

When I’m not happy with someone else’s recording, I “fix” it.

Favorite music

60s pop, indie/electro/dream-pop, girl groups, Moose, Broadcast, Stereolab, Deerhoof’s poppier stuff, Eggstone, Magnetic Fields, Zombies, Kinks, early Cardigans, “Clair de Lune”, “Rhapsody in Blue”, Ravel, Hall and Oates, Bee Gees, ABBA, Wilco, Innocence Mission, De La Soul…

Transcriptions and/or analysis of music

Roughly from latest to earliest, some are just Reddit posts.