X-treme News!

Dana is up in arms about UF and Satchel’s recent move from Coke to Pepsi.

“the news that Pepsi has won an exclusive ten-year contract with UF has me longing for the sweet release of the grave.”

UF employees will now certainly never have a chance at enjoying the only palatable diet soft drink. The one that has “gone too far”. There is a bright side for those addicted to diet sodas, however, in that diet Pepsi at least palatable. Diet Coke is a swill they didn’t have the decency to test on prisoners.


My girlfriend writes,

Awesome! We’ve been on lockdown this afternoon because of some nut outside with a gun… we’re apparently safe now, but who knows…

A Warning

[Warning: Miscellaneous parts inside.]

This came in a package at work a while back. Thankfully no one was injured by the apparently random contents. For our work’s white elephant party I added a stick of gum and a paper clip and repackaged it as a “MacGyver Tool Kit”, complete with infringing artwork.


I love this photo from the Washington Post story on a concept that I can’t believe wasn’t stolen from an ’80s breakdancing movie: the Rap-a-Gram: "Carolyn? I’m gonna deliver a Rap-A-Gram for you," … "According to Mr. R’s rap, their date: ‘Was real, wit’ no pretending / Y’all met about a week and a half ago at Happy Endings / Then after that, a night he won’t forget / When y’all went to his house and watched The Bachelorette.’ "