Alachua County Library Bookmarklet

Whenever you’re on a page with an ISBN in the URL, like Amazon or some other bookish site, activate ACL to pop-up a search for that book within the Alachua County Library Catalog.

This was generated with the LibraryLookup Project‘s Bookmarklet builder, which can build a similar bookmarklet for any library using one of 16 popular web catalog systems. Very nice. People are also turning these into Greasemonkey/UserJS scripts so you don’t even have to click; when the page loads, your browser queries the library and adds a link to the page like “This book is available now at the library!”. Some even report back how many copies at which branches, etc..

The great thing about bookmarklets and userscripts is that with a tiny bit of code you can force independent systems to work together for your benefit. Um..also because I can save these crazy YouTube videos the kids seem to love.

Click2Zap Bookmarklet 1.1

Use Click2Zap to remove elements from the page for printing (remove text/images to save paper/ink) or reading comfort purposes.

Note: MyPage can do this and a lot more.

Get it

You must enable Javascript! (right-click, add to favorites or bookmarks)


  • click2zap panel fixed to the top right of the window.
  • as you rollover elements, they are highlighted with a yellow background.
  • click the highlighted element to remove it.
  • click undo to replace elements (unlimited).
  • disable allows links to work (though you can always right-click a link)
  • use the print link on the click2zap panel to hide the panel and print.


  • The page author’s print CSS will still be used, so elements may already be removed for you (do a quick print-preview to find out what you still need to remove)
  • All element onclick handlers are overwritten, so you may need to reload the page to re-enable these.
  • Plug-ins/embedded media players can’t be removed, but you can try to remove elements containing them.
  • Undo sometimes shifts layout.

To Do:

  • Have a zap/keep toggle. When in “keep” mode, all surrounding elements are remove on click: potentially easy. (thanks Brian)
  • Activate print styles onscreen to see what will print by default: unknown difficulty
  • Record removed element ids in a cookie and allow one-click removal of all of them when you’re on the same site: easy-ish, but cookie code adds bloat and you could only record elements with ids.

Much thanks to Troels Jakobsen’s Bookmarklet Builder

Bookmarklet manager bookmarklet?

In the redundancy file. Someone needs to create a bookmarklet that loads into the current page an interface for executing pre-saved bookmarklets. I’ve already seen several examples of this with pre-defined sets of bookmarklets (notably Favelet Suite) but why limit the user to one set? I’m already keeping my regular bookmarks and RSS subscriptions online, why not bookmarklets as well? This might be a good side project for the developers since (I think) that site can’t really handle javascript: URLs. Just a thought.

MySpace music player bookmarklet

This bookmarklet opens the MySpace music player in a new window (Updated 2007-3-29, tested only in Opera9).

Open MySpace Player ←right-click, add to bookmarks/favorites, rename it whatever you like (tested in Opera8, Firefox).

I originally made this because MySpace broke their Flash embed code affecting Opera, but now that they’ve fixed that, the “Standalone Player” link still doesn’t work. So this makes it work.