Gainesville: PHP/Javascript Developer Position Open

The Office of Distance Learning is seeking a web programmer with considerable experience with PHP, Javascript, and SQL to aid in the creation of and maintenance of several web and mobile applications.

The person we’re seeking will need a strong understanding of and experience with:

  • PHP5
  • Javascript
  • object-oriented and functional programming styles
  • related technologies such as SQL, CSS, the HTML DOM, Apache, and HTTP

Preferred applicants will be able to demonstrate:

  • sites/projects worked on, including open source projects
  • code created that is highly extensible, loosely coupled, testable, etc.
  • ability to create APIs/frameworks to be used by others
  • intuition of impact of code on underlying systems and client-side experience
  • ability to communicate well with teammates and end users

The applicant must be comfortable:

  • coding with third party libraries like Zend, jQuery, YUI, etc.
  • customizing third party applications like WordPress
  • using source control and documenting code

The Office of Distance Learning is an exciting, creative environment where we manage and customize applications like WordPress, Moodle, and Elgg, and serve thousands of users.

Search for Requisition number: 0806823