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Can We Still Believe In IE

Microsoftafter years of questionable tactics, now
holds the web browser market share in its grip. Sadly, the IE/win developers prioritized proprietary features over support of key the future of the web.

After all, how can developers implement standards that will make their clients' sites appear broken to the great majority of their users?

Getting the whole picture?

I designed a hidden message above to be obscured by IE/win's choice of features over standards. In particular, I took advantage of IE's colored scrollbars, conditional comments, lack of support for CSS2 selectors and a buggy, incomplete alpha-tranparent PNG implementation.

What's the hidden message?

View this page in Opera, Mozilla, Netscape 6+, Firebird, Chimera, Safari, Konqeror (basically any modern browser that's not IE) and you should see the message. If you don't have access to one of those (all are free), here's a screenshot in Opera 7.

What's hiding what?

June 3, 2003.