Feeling Deserted

Coming home to Gainesville after touring the west coast, I feel like I’ve crashed. I forgot how much I like touring with friends, playing shows and meeting people along the way. I really miss it already, a lot. I’ve made up my mind to move to the west coast come hell or high water around this time next year. One year reserved for getting in all the education I can before the move, probably to Sacramento. The industry seems to be a bit more stable there, and even if the weather isn’t quite S.F., every step outside into Florida heat infuriates me lately. So this year will be about preparation, hopefully seeing a lot of my friends that I have to leave behind, and convincing the least anchored ones to jettison this state as well. If anyone needs a roommate in Sacramento Fall 2002, let me know.

Web Geek News

I’ve begun reworking the tinybadpictures.com layout (working model mrclay.org/newtbp) and it’s coming along nicely I think. The new one will be valid HTML & CSS, which will likely force me to serve NN4 its own hacked style sheet like on the brittlestars.org, but the code is smaller, beautiful and easy to modularize and update. Although I’ve banished the annoying frameset we had for page centering, I think I’ll now use an inline frame to display the big 30-40k pictures so they don’t all have to preload, this will also allow us to have more pics per gallery page. It also means having to provide a seperately generated version for users w/ clunky old browsers. PHP to the rescue again — I can make a link that will cause ?show=all to be appended to all gallery URLs which with deliver a more accessible version w/ all the pics on the page. So my work is cut out for me.

I noticed that the original mrclay.org blue looked a lot darker on the PCs at school so I have to wonder if Photoshop’s gamma adjuster is too light. Then I have to wonder, does anyone really care?

E-bay Auctions

1997 Brutal Scars Promo Poster OOP

Printed before Stella Scar’s dramatic dismissal and 3rd autobiography. Also features a shaven Josh Scar and the tentative title of the BS single released as “Shortcut to MyHeart.txt”. Fans will also recognize this title as the subtitle of Josh’s 2nd biography of 1998. I was told this might be very rare — reserve is 50.00USD.
48″x48″ laminated in cardboard tube
Extended until tomorrow 8PM E.S.T.!
[Image of Josh and Estelle posed in a very sensational teen-pop promo poster]

Featured Artwork

This obscure Warhol piece featured Clairecords empire founder and Studio 54 local Daniel Sostrom.
[5 images of Dan jumping, slapping himself high-5 on various colored backgrounds]
“Five High Fives” (1978) Colorforms ® on detached refridgerator door 36″x62″x5″.