A Good Kind of Nervous

And so I usher in a new era of not working and not arriving to class on time because of not finding a place to park in the mornings. 3 classes, of which ~60% hold my interest, yield me $1800 in loans to make it to Spring. Will I make it? — Can I curb pop music and Subway consumption in order to pay rent? I suppose I will have to cut back, right after the upcoming Beulah / Mates of State show in Atlanta, of course. I already miss my friends at work (a couple days ago was my last day after almost 2 years there) and my friend Sandi, who now enjoys a healthy commute and adventures in Spanish comprehension in Miami. ¿Cómo sobrevivirá ella la ciudad grande?

This edition of mrclay.org is dedicated to the fantastic Lucksmiths album “A Good Kind of Nervous”. On the last brittle stars tour our routes intersected a couple times and I got a chance to meet 2/3rds of them and trade one of our CDs for one of their shirts. Suckers. In other news I’m loving the new Ivy album “Long Distance”. As always smooth and breezy and they seem to be moving in a more dance-pop direction. Lots of great melody and I appreciate the occasional, cheesy drum-loop.


I promised better bit-rate mp3s soon, and of course I lied, but I do have some songs up my sleeve waiting for the right group to be put together. Even though it was sad to end the brittle stars, the tour was a rejuvination of sorts. If I can get another competent pop band together there shouldn’t be a lack of songs — well maybe words.

Down With OOP

Placing the acronym for Object-Oriented Programming in the title of a Naughty by Nature single should ideally secure me sufficient beatings from both the hip hop and coding communities. My classes in C++ and VB I hope will cover a lot of OOP concepts this semester and I’d like to create some smart objects and methods in javascript to simplify image rollovers and DHTML code. I’m learning more about html forms — the Spanish link above submits two variables to the Babelfish translator CGI “tr” using GET whereas their own forms hides the variables by POST-ing them.

Here are we, with a view of mountains
Staring at the floor for hours on end
There’s a world outside that window
And we’re looking at linoleum instead
Another sunset passes us by
We used to sit on our arses
And stare into the sky

If either one of us could drive
We could drive away
And the times of our lives
Could begin today

Look at us. We’re atrocious
We make a meal of every meal
And we browse through travel brochures
But the grass grows brown around these wheels
Take the tennis ball off the towbar
We’ve come a long way
But there’s so far to go

If either one of us could drive
We could drive away
And the time of our lives
Could begin today
What’s there to decide?
And what’s there to say?
If either one of us could drive
We could drive away

Some things might have to change
I wish there was some furniture
That I could rearrange

–The Lucksmiths “Caravanna”