Boring Plaid Edition

Three months ago I was crying in the shower. Blissful ignorance turned to shock, disbelief, grief, outrage, curiosity, disgust, contempt, and finally indifference. Supposedly something even worse is around the corner. I just want to play music again.

Today was the last day of class for the semester and the last two weeks were hell. Last night around 3AM I discovered the internet. How many Pitchforkmedia reviews could I read? The Onion’s most/least essential albums of 2001. It’s frustrating reading about all the great music I’m missing out on. Poverty and dialup still suck.

Rocking Lately

  • Pop
  • Moose Live a Little Love a Lot
  • Trash Can Sinatras “Senses Working Overtime”
  • The Bats Daddy’s Highway
  • The MagickHeads “The Back of Her Hand”
  • Claudine “Think of Rain”
  • Beach Boys Pet Sounds
  • Dan moving to town
  • Possibility of visiting Burt in Cleveland

Sucking Lately

  • Jenn, Paul, Raymond & Parish leaving town
  • Sandi’s near death experience
  • Jeff’s computer
  • Poverty
  • Final project documentation
  • Intermediate C++ class filled
  • Organizing CDs
  • Josh’s old job, new job
  • Everything

Amy Amy L, You Rock So Well

Just an ackward shout out to the Aislers Set’s Amy Linton that will, *will* I say, appear in a song on the long-awaited by 4 people debut and final EP by The Seventeenth Century. We rocked Gainesville for about 3 weeks and, damn it, I’ve let the drum tracks sit in the can while waiting for the right doses of free time, mixing equipment and motivation.. and it’s been over a year now. I’ll settle for motivation I suppose–Britt’s tribute to French disco and Godzuki and Dana’s stories of apartment life shall not go unheard for another year.


Stephin Merritt I am not, but I have so many ideas I’m losing count. Why am I not playing music right now? N-Sync might suggest the use of a B.F.N. or band formation notice. I’m open to just about anything. What do I have to lose, my dignity? Maybe I’m getting too old. I’m too unhip for the popkids, too young to be in the Pernice Bros, oh, and I live in Gainesville, FL.