Summer Summer Summer

I shall use this space to announce the creation of Gainesville’s newest, hottest, most superlative pop band, the High Five 4. After a month we’ve managed to record several demos, dishearten a drummer, miss out on the best possible opportunity to play our 1st show, and have one song described as having “Teenbeat goodness” by Paul, among other accomplishments. “We need a ride home!”

Alexander Pony is the tentative name of Mario & Alex Lopez’s collaboration and it has some sweet songs so I’m pretty excited to be helping them perform several of them live in mid May. I like what my friends are putting together lately.

The Masters of the Hemisphere played Common Grounds in support of their great new album Protest a Dark Anniversary and per usual the show devolved into a drunken heckle-fest. Still Josh and Dan managed to coerce them to play a song of theirs I’ve never heard, evidently called “Glory Hole”. Now, I’ve never doubted their originality, or tact, but it sounded an awful lot like another song called “Glory Days” and was a little blue. Any bands bringing the pop to Gainesville can expect a welcome from me.

Rocking Lately

  • Talib Kweli & Hi Tek “Soul Rebels”
  • April March Lessons of April March
  • Rumors of Paul moving back?
  • Sampson Servo-170 amp
  • Radio shows with Dan
  • Java & class GridBagLayout
  • XHTML, PNGs and Mozilla 1.0
  • Freelance work
  • More rocking than sucking

Sucking Lately

  • My efforts to save money
  • Delta 44 on NT
  • Cable-routing nightmare
  • Running out of room
  • Dan’s luck
  • Writing lyrics