Let’s make this quick

November’s French Horns show was great. December’s was to about five people after sitting through endless amelodic saxophone freakouts. Before they started the guy assured us all that, “we won’t be playing any songs tonight.” I’ll save my rant against free jazz for another time.

I think 2004’s was the first Christmas in while that my whole family was together in a formal way and it was nice. I had more spending money than usual and I let myself get wrapped up in the holiday spirit of financial irresponsibility. It’s nice to be able to give nice gifts, but the money we all spent on, say, random stuff at Target was just too much. I’m going to push for the each-member-gives-to-one-other-member method next year.

Oh yeah, then after spending all that money I bought a Jazzmaster on eBay and a 120W MusicMan (Leo Fender’s self-proclaimed best work) amp on the way home. Budget annihilation complete. The new (well, 70’s) amp made such a difference and the Jazzmaster is so painfully trebley. This is good.

But why have I been out of town so many weekends lately?

(also, this mrclay.org look is just temporary)