Ctrling folders

OK, I’ve been annoyed for forever that, in Windows, you can either set your folders to always open in a new windows (good when I’m queuing up mp3s in very big folders where I don’t want to lose my place) or always reuse the current window (good for about everything else). Well, annoyances.org came through for me.

Ctrl + double click – open the folder in the opposite way of your default. (plus more goodies)

So now I don’t have to lose my place among the 795 artist folders to open up Lilys and queue up Better Can’t Make Your Life Better.

X-treme News!

Dana is up in arms about UF and Satchel’s recent move from Coke to Pepsi.

“the news that Pepsi has won an exclusive ten-year contract with UF has me longing for the sweet release of the grave.”

UF employees will now certainly never have a chance at enjoying the only palatable diet soft drink. The one that has “gone too far”. There is a bright side for those addicted to diet sodas, however, in that diet Pepsi at least palatable. Diet Coke is a swill they didn’t have the decency to test on prisoners.

What’s Hot? Pt. II

Our House

Friday Kathleen and I noticed that our AC had stopped blowing cool air. Further investigation revealed that the compressor motor was just making a racket without actually turning the fan blades. We tried reseting the breakers with no luck, now the motor won’t even come on. Chief suspects include burned out motor, low freon level (I think either could trip some kind of safety-shutdown-enrage-occupants mechanism) and Mister Green with the revolver. We’ve opened up all the windows and have already taken our first drive-around-in-the-cool-van, ostensibly to find Paul’s new place…accomplished! Now we wait till Monday to call some guy who’ll probably charge $80 to come out and confirm our fears of needing a new compressor motor.

What’s Hot? Pt. I

As Paul might say, “fool, I’ll tell you what’s hot.”

The French Horns live

Last night was our first show with violinist Jesse Long and I proclaim it to be one of our best. He played on five or six songs and added those melodies we missed so much as a trio. Besides that, I think what really made a difference were the couple of practices the days right before the show, the good vocal monitor setup, and a decent pedal setup that gives me a little more control over my guitar sound. The only trouble I had on stage was that, in “Amy L”, my guitar was turned up too high and I was getting tons of guitar feedback to the point of distracting me into forgetting the whole second verse (I was frantically trying to figure out which note was feeding back and how to play the chord in a different shape to leave that note out). Well, to me it was ultra-loud, but apparently the audience didn’t notice much (which is why I think it was coming from the vocal monitor, but whatever.) Anyway, we were pretty well received from the few people there (unexpectedly we were asked to play first so several people who came to see us (from as far as Orlando) missed the set, but it’s not a big deal. The point of the show was kinda to build up our confidence for the Athens popfest show on the 12th. We won’t have Jesse there (which really sucks because he’s apparently “the cute one”) but we’ll get by I guess.