Reload CSS Every… Bookmarklet

One annoying aspect of writing a stylesheet is having to reload the page in your browser to see your incremental changes. There are ways to workaround this, but I find them less than ideal so I created ReloadCSSEvery. It refreshes only the CSS of a loaded page every 2 seconds so you can use your CSS editor of choice and see semi-real-time changes in your browser when you save.
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1-minute RAM buyer’s guide

There was a time when it seemed you could just order the cheapest RAM you could find on Pricewatch and be done with it, but it just doesn’t work like that, especially when you’re trying to upgrade a PC more than a year old.

You can easily spend hours reading about RAM density, ECC, buffering, registration, DDR(2), clock timing, and more hours doing awkward eBay and Google searches to find the right features just to end up with RAM that still won’t work with your system. Please save yourself the hassle.

  • Look up your PC/motherboard at Crucial, Kingston and 4AllMemory, and note the model numbers recommended.
  • Also check for these models at other reputable stores. NewEgg is known for excellent service, but also search and Froogle. Crucial is usually on the high side, but a safe choice.

BTW, pray you don’t end up needing a particular flavor of Rambus RAM.