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PlayTagger loads’s Play Tagger in the page, which allows you to listen to (and bookmark) mp3 links.

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Brittle Stars – So Unfair
The French Horns – Brighter Now

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This page used to have a bookmarklet that did a similar function using the open source XSPF Flash Music Player, but SourceForge now prevents direct linking to the SWF files. Rewriting the bookmarklet to use PlayTagger is easier than explaining that you have to host your own SWF and adjust the bookmarklet accordingly.

WDHV and Maria Taylor

WDHV 101.7 is a little FM station in Trenton that plays some great pre-70’s classic country. The other day I caught the tail end of “Talk Back Trembling Lips” from 1963 and the rhythm section and reverb filled the van so nicely–it made my morning. They do slip in later stuff and even up to the awful she-thinks-my-tractor’s-sexy “big hat” country, but it’s in moderation and all played by people who actually seem to remember this stuff.

I mention this because this week I’m helping sabotage statistics by recording my radio listening habits for Arbitron (think Nielsen for radio). Three things are great about this: 1. Per day, I only listen to maybe 45 mins of NPR and 10 minutes (if I’m lucky) of some hodunk out-of-area oldies station. 2. They bribe you with dollar bills in the envelope…$10 so far, and since Arbitron works for the LPFM-hating NAB, I’m happy to take their money. 3. This makes twice that I was randomly selected to do this, first being probably a decade ago.

Tonight I’m going to see Mates of State, Maria Taylor and papercranes at Common Grounds. Maria is/was(?) one half of Azure Ray, who put out a great debut album and some OK follow-ups. It’ll be nice to finally see the Mates outside of Wayward Council, they’re sometimes a little much for casual listening, but a blast live.

Detect a blocked pop-up window

Since reliable info doesn’t seem to be out there, this Javascript detects if a pop-up window was blocked at least by IE6/XPsp2’s built-in blocker, FF or Opera 8.

var popWin; // global for easy reference later
function pop(url, name, features, replace) {
    popWin = open(url, name, features, replace);
    if (popWin == null) { // nice blocking browsers return null
        alert('window blocked, redirect or whatever');
    } else {
        setTimeout(function() {
            if (typeof popWin.parent == 'undefined') { // opera
                alert('window blocked, redirect or whatever');
        }, 200);

How about Safari?


This game is all about scale. Think “The Sims” from the molecular level to the galactic with everything in between. At least watch long enough to see your animal doin’ it (soft jazz with sax helps set the mood). As a programmer, this thing makes my greatest accomplishments feel like Pong.