Marriage Rock I

Yeah, we did it. I was in charge of the music and spent most hours from weeks before up until the morning of with my head stuck inside MediaMonkey. I can’t say enough good things about the “Gold” version, but these posts will shockingly not be about the boring machinations of software.

Look For Me As You Go By – The Innocence Mission
Our first dance. I was warned it seems like an eternity when 60 people are staring at you, so I chopped 19 seconds from the end chorus. Love this song.

Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks (wedding edit) – Of Montreal
Lately this is the closest Of Montreal’s come to a straight up pop love song, and it’s perfect. I did cut some weirdness to keep guests bouncing.

Uncontrollable Boasting
Three awesome tunes that pretty much glued themselves together. “Going Back to Miami” is courtesy of the ever-awesome Bubblegum Machine.

I forgot how uninviting makeshift reception dance floors can be, and how quick people file out once the cake is cut, but no matter; these songs became our soundtrack for weeks before and after the ceremony.

A lot more to come…