Plastic Sitars Intro for piano

I’ve been playing more music lately, but also trying to go back and learn the fundamentals of reading/writing music and keyboard playing—I can play chords and pop melodies semi reliably but suck at playing scales with either hand. Yesterday I created a free account at Noteflight, which lets you compose scores online (you have to enter notes via mouse/keyboard, but the UI is pretty quick once you get the hang of it). The import feature successfully digested a 15 year old MIDI file of something I wrote in college.

The (yet unrecorded) French Horns song “Plastic Sitars” always started with rhythm guitar live, but for a few months I’ve been toying with a short solo guitar piece as an intro, ideally stealing Johnny Smith’s tone. Below is a piano arrangement for my tour of airport cocktail lounges.

Elgg Core Proposal: New Table “entity_list_items”

[This proposal has been superseded with ElggCollection.]

As of Elgg 1.7.4 there’s no way to specify a specific list or ordering of entities for use in an elgg_get_entities query. E.g. one might want to implement:

  • A “featured items” list for a group or user widget. On a group page this could be implemented in “left” and “right” lists for better display control
  • “Sticky” entities in discussion lists, or any other object lists
  • A “favorites” list for each user

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About damn time, guys

Opera 11 will have extensions.

Mozilla 1.0 had the first decent extension system in 2002, and since then Opera users have been begging for one and getting lame excuses and half-baked substitutes that offered none of the power of real extensions:  “Panels” were just HTML docs beside the viewport, and “widgets” just HTML apps in separate chromeless windows.

If Opera doesn’t want to sit at 1% market share for 10 more years, they better get this right. An “extension” system should be able to alter chrome and context menus at the bare minimum.