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falling backwards
someplace (but not this place)
this trip
so unfair

We thank everyone who has helped and supported us over the past 3 years -- everything from listening to our dubbed-over cassette demos to letting us sleep on your floors and eat your home fries. We sincerely appreciate it.
- Steve, 2001

We've pretty much run out of things to give this site, but there are some pictures to be put up eventually. If you have photos or anything else you'd like to contribute, you can email Steve and he'll pass it along.


This was our final tour. The dates are below, and the on tour page has some of Steve's tour diary entries.

Friday 13. Los Altos Hills, CA
Live KFJC 89.7 radio session
Car problems wrecked our plans to meet
Mitch LeMay for a live radio performance

Saturday 14. Berkley, CA.
K??? Radio Interview
???? Drove us over to the station
where Jeff revealed our idiocy on-the-air

Saturday 14. San Francisco, CA.
Popfantasy 2001 @ Bottom of the Hill
w/ a bunch of better bands

Monday 16. Seattle, WA.
Sit & Spin Cafe/Artspace/Laundromat
w/ Timonium, The Melody Unit and
I Am The World Trade Center

Tuesday 17. Vancouver, BC. Canada.
The Purple Onion
w/ Timonium, Ashley Park and
I Am The World Trade Center
1st WTC dance party!!!!!

Wednesday 18 DAY. Olympia, WA
YoYo a Gogo @ Capitol Theater
w/Timonium, KG and Tami Hart

Wednesday 18 NIGHT. Portland, OR
The Red and Black
w/Timonium, Barcelona and
I Am The World Trade Center
Last HUGE WTC dance party!!!!!

Thursday 19. Sacramento, CA.
Capitol Garage 8PM All Ages $5
w/Timonium and Electro Group.

Friday 20. Santa Ana, CA.
Koo's Cafe
w/Timonium, Majestic, Fonda and
Phoebe Quest

brittle stars are dan on bass, estelle on vocals and keyboards, josh on drums, and steve on guitars.
[This block was reserved for rock!]


Garage Sale was our last release, released July 2001 on Shelflife Records. It's a CDEP + remixes with 3 new songs, 5 others released elsewhere or not at all, and 7 remixes donated by friends.

The 3 new songs were finished mostly by miracle. One took almost a year of fiddling, the other 2 were done nearly at the last available minute -- and you may hear it. Of the other 5, 1 was an unused mix from the s/t album, 2 were bonus tracks from the Japanese release of the album, 1 was from one of the "Carafate Roads" series of 7" compilations on Motorway records, and the last was released on Shelflife's "Pretending To See The Future" OMD tribute CD.

more on the discography page

This release is the complement of the album -- basically everything else.

Old News: Several old versions of are archived at