That’s everything…

The Picture of Everything by Howard Hallis

Includes : super heroes, cartoon characters, rock stars, movie stars, space ships, fantasy buildings, historical figures and places, religious figures and iconography, famous vehicles from movies and TV, video game characters, modern and ancient wonders of the world, 157 Pokemon, reproductions of Alex Grey, MC Escher and other famous artists works, corporate logos, flags of the world, his friends and family…

“The picture was done on 8.5 by 11 inch pieces of regular typing paper, held together by scotch tape and separated into four massive sections. These sections were each approximately 76.5 inches in width and 44 inches in length, bringing the completed picture to 76.5 by 176 inches.”

from the FAQ:

Can I buy a copy of “The Picture”?
No. To avoid legal hassles from every single person on the planet trying to sue me, I cannot sell copies of the work.
Do the sides of The Picture meet each other?
Yes. The sides meet, as do the top and bottom. I wanted to have an endless loop.

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