Can’t be sure of what I want anymore…

Yes! A new Sunday’s fan page with videos (including two of "Can’t Be Sure"!) and an entire 1997 concert (yes, they still played all the great early stuff). Somewhat relatedly, a super nice person on the Innocence Mission mailing list sent me two CDs full of live recordings and assorted stuff. I’m not really a fan of their work before "Glow" (when they apparently discovered the Sundays!), but everything after, especially "Birds of Our Neighborhood", is lovely stuff with some of my favorite lyrics.

I’ve been pretty quiet here lately, just playing basketball as often as I can, starting work on the French Horns recordings and planning a new website to publish my web design articles (I suppose similar to A List Apart, but less magazine-article-like) so I can get them off of and make its focus more on music and writing.

Speaking of the French Horns, we have a show March 12th (Friday) at Common Grounds with Tracy Shedd and Nervous System. Hopefully, we’ll have an album in a month or two. Josh is right, this shouldn’t take forever and it won’t. (Stay on me about it)

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