What’s Hot? Pt. II

Our House

Friday Kathleen and I noticed that our AC had stopped blowing cool air. Further investigation revealed that the compressor motor was just making a racket without actually turning the fan blades. We tried reseting the breakers with no luck, now the motor won’t even come on. Chief suspects include burned out motor, low freon level (I think either could trip some kind of safety-shutdown-enrage-occupants mechanism) and Mister Green with the revolver. We’ve opened up all the windows and have already taken our first drive-around-in-the-cool-van, ostensibly to find Paul’s new place…accomplished! Now we wait till Monday to call some guy who’ll probably charge $80 to come out and confirm our fears of needing a new compressor motor.

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    I let the home warranty expire. Didn’t have $385. Northwood Cooling replaced the capacitor for $88. It’s cool again.

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