X-treme News!

Dana is up in arms about UF and Satchel’s recent move from Coke to Pepsi.

“the news that Pepsi has won an exclusive ten-year contract with UF has me longing for the sweet release of the grave.”

UF employees will now certainly never have a chance at enjoying the only palatable diet soft drink. The one that has “gone too far”. There is a bright side for those addicted to diet sodas, however, in that diet Pepsi at least palatable. Diet Coke is a swill they didn’t have the decency to test on prisoners.

One thought on “X-treme News!

  1. Ian R says:

    When s/he signs the letters, the signature looks like it says “Osama”.

    I much prefer Pepsi, but I’m not from the south. Here at UGA, Coke has the deal. Coke owns most of Georgia.

    Now I’d lîke tø €ype a féw non-…S‡ŽÏ characters because I’m trying to figure out an encoding problem with — guess what — IE Mac.©

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