Click2Zap Bookmarklet 1.1

Use Click2Zap to remove elements from the page for printing (remove text/images to save paper/ink) or reading comfort purposes.

Note: MyPage can do this and a lot more.

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You must enable Javascript! (right-click, add to favorites or bookmarks)


  • click2zap panel fixed to the top right of the window.
  • as you rollover elements, they are highlighted with a yellow background.
  • click the highlighted element to remove it.
  • click undo to replace elements (unlimited).
  • disable allows links to work (though you can always right-click a link)
  • use the print link on the click2zap panel to hide the panel and print.


  • The page author’s print CSS will still be used, so elements may already be removed for you (do a quick print-preview to find out what you still need to remove)
  • All element onclick handlers are overwritten, so you may need to reload the page to re-enable these.
  • Plug-ins/embedded media players can’t be removed, but you can try to remove elements containing them.
  • Undo sometimes shifts layout.

To Do:

  • Have a zap/keep toggle. When in “keep” mode, all surrounding elements are remove on click: potentially easy. (thanks Brian)
  • Activate print styles onscreen to see what will print by default: unknown difficulty
  • Record removed element ids in a cookie and allow one-click removal of all of them when you’re on the same site: easy-ish, but cookie code adds bloat and you could only record elements with ids.

Much thanks to Troels Jakobsen’s Bookmarklet Builder

41 thoughts on “Click2Zap Bookmarklet 1.1

  1. Ed T. says:

    Hey, great utility! Is there any way to stop the ‘click2zap’ toolbar from printing as well?

  2. Chris says:

    Great bookmarklet!

    Is there anyway you could add functionality similar to the platypus (firefox extension) “isolate” functionality?

    This way, if your desired text is in one element of div you could isolate it in one click.

  3. says:

    Chris: Coming soon! You’ll be able to toggle zap/keep. When in “keep” mode, everything but the clicked element (and it’s children) will be removed. Gimme a few days :)

  4. MoeRL says:

    This is very cool. I tested it already, and it works surprisingly well. I love the simplicity of it too.. all you have to do to get it work is drag a link on your browser’s toolbar! Can it get any simpler?

    Great work.

  5. Christian Schmidt says:

    VERY cool bookmarklet!
    Now, let’s think about making the “changes” stable, i.e. integrate this bookmarklets ease-of-use with firefox’ adblock extension – every time I come back to a given site the junk I don’t want is removed, leaving my prying eyes only with the content filet of the site.

    THAT is what everyone would LOVE (even more)!

    Regards and keep up the great work,

  6. says:

    Christian: Should be easily enough done (by extension developers). The code to select and mark in various ways is already in . FYI site-specific content blocking via right-click will ship in Opera 9 by default.

  7. rda says:

    as Camino does not yet use FF extensions, this makes great additon to bookmarks toolbar. not just for printing, but cleaning up page to make easier reading. give it a big tongue!

  8. says:

    januario: IE6 doesn’t support position:fixed so the toolbar is hidden offscreen, but the “zapping” worked when I tested.

  9. Derek says:

    Wow! This is wonderful. Thank you.
    It works fine on FF/Win2000, Safari.
    But it doesn’t seem to work for IE.
    If I click the link “click2zap” on your page, it works as it is supposed. Nevertheless, when I add it to my favorites then it doesn’t work.
    Do I need to change some security settings?

  10. says:

    Excuse me for my bad english (french user). Can you explain me how use your click2zap (step by step please) and this sentence I don’t understand very well):
    “click2zap panel fixed to the top right of the window.” ??

  11. Keeee mit 4 e says:

    Hey there!
    What a great thang, exactly what I was looking for!
    I was feeling kinda bored this weekend, so I started to improve the code a little.
    As a result, it now runs in the Internet Explorer as well.
    Here’s the link, if you wanna take a look at it: .

    Watch the commented source code to see the improvements
    (developers now can put the code into a javascript file to easily use it in multiple pages).
    Would be great, if you used some of it for a next release!

  12. Maria says:

    Well I need to print some labels from part of the information in a web site and this sound interesting but I dont know where I can find it to download, if you have any answer , thank you, Maria.

  13. says:

    Checkout Aardvark also. It is only for firefox, but it has some additional functionality, such as widening a selection, and isolating just what you want.

  14. mike says:

    there is a bookmarklet for aardvark which works in any browser. Since the url is javascript it’s to big to post here but there is a very useful bookmark service called blummy ( go to the site and type in aardvark and you will find a bookmarklet you can add or you can choose view code and get the javascript code to make your own bookmark. I suggest taking a few minutes to sign up for blummy though. It’s much more useful than just for aardvark. If you try you will agree with me

  15. Antoine says:

    This is an old post and i’m just discovering and it is still great to use – i like this bookmarklet.

    I’ ve made some changes for my own use as i was looking for something close to my ols firefox ‘scrapbook plugin’ (that i use a lot for editing webpage before printing / saving) :
    – is added to force the red upper box to be really always visible
    – instead of yellow filled rectangle, i use rather a style.border with red color (easier to read what i delete)
    – i also changed behavior so that I could edit / change text content of page (with classic trick made with d.designMode / b.contentEditable / void 0) – and now deleting blocks is made with double click rather than simple click.

    Also great bookmarklets in all your website.

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