Where’s the code?

Google’s free open source project hosting has been awesome for Minify, so when I was looking around for Subversion hosting for my personal code, I figured why not host it there? So here’s a bunch of my PHP and Javascript code. Hopefully some of it will be useful to people. A few PHP highlights:

  • HashUtils implements password hashing with a random salt, preventing the use of rainbow table cracks. It can also sign and verify the signature of string content.
  • StringDebug makes debugging strings with whitespace/non-printable/UTF-8 characters much less painful.
  • CookieStorage saves/fetches tamper-proof and optionally encrypted strings in cookies.
  • TimeZone simplifies the handling of date/times between timezones using an API you already know: strtotime() and date().
  • Utf8String is an immutable UTF-8 string class that aims to simplify the API of the phputf8 library and make behind-the-scene optimizations like using native functions whenever possible. Mostly a proof-of-concept, but it works.

I’ll get the examples of these online at some point, but if you export /trunk/php, all the lowercase-named files are demos/tests. There’s also an “oldies” branch (not necessarily goodies).

Hopefully this makes the political jibba jabba more forgivable.

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