Change I’d invest in

In the pursuit of drug law reform an acquaintance told me, “Having logic on your side is nice, but money and grassroots organization is better.”

Today I made $20 donations to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and the Drug Reform Coordination Network (a.k.a. Both organizations are 501(c)3 nonprofits devoted to informing the public, media, and Congress of the real costs of drug prohibitions and the benefits society can see upon their repeal. There are many organizations out there that have similar goals, but these appear to provide the most comprehensive views and news on the subject, seem to have well-respected leadership, and the least pro-cannabis agenda. My goal is not to promote any substance, but to show that prohibiting (and leaving unregulated) any desirable drug results in more harm to people than that drug ever could.

My donations are not large amounts, but I’ll give more when I’m more sure of which groups will have the greatest effect. Money corrupts and the same is true of nonprofits with good intentions, but from the best info I have, these are worthy investments.

Word is NPR’s Laura Sullivan will be attending LEAP’s D.C. press conference tomorrow.

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