‘Phlox’ Menace Could Abet Future Enemies

The latest example of law enforcement solutions to reducing drug use.

Police raided the home of a couple in the hunt for a drug factory because a [moss phlox] plant in their garden smelled like cannabis. … the couple, both in their late 70s, returned home to find that the drugs squad had battered down their front door. … No drugs were found…

At least they didn’t have dogs at home.

Retired engineer Mr Wiltshire, 77, who, ironically, has no sense of smell following an operation on his nose, has now pulled up the plant. … [The couple has] lodged a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

This plant could aid marijuana criminals by deterring detection and investigation. Begin the countdown to its restriction near U.K. homes.

Meanwhile the black market contributes to public safety:

The couple’s next-door neighbour was even threatened by a drugs gang who demanded: “Give us the weed, man.”

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  1. says:

    , but over a tomato plant.

    “I started laughing because I knew they were tomato plants but it wasn’t so funny when they frisked me and then started tearing the house apart.” … he was held in the bedroom while officers searched the furniture and under the mattress. He also said that the police impounded the family’s pet dogs.

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