Minify getting out there

Interest in Minify seems to be picking up:

Any ideas on how to make it better?

4 thoughts on “Minify getting out there

  1. Glad to see the usage of Minify is picking up! Thanks for the link as well. Unfortunately, SimpleMC has a mountain of work to get over before I would consider it really usable in production. I will be moving the project over to GitHub and hopefully it will pick up a little bit of traction.

    Again, great work!!

  2. Madness says:

    Do you plan to ever release a tutorial to make it run OUTSIDE the public folder? Because other than that I’m absolutely loving it. It’s just not transparent enough when used the “standard way”.

    Also, can haz twitter. :P

  3. says:

    Hey Steve,

    Just wanted to quickly stop by to thank you for your great work on Minify. I have created a Magento Extension which utilises Minify to great success. It’s almost another 2K for your download total ;)

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