Avoiding the replay bug in EA Skate 1

Depending on how you navigate through the menus to get to the video replays, the game (and entire Xbox360) will tend to lock up in the waiting screens, requiring a manual reset on the console. Usually this is before you can view even 3 or 4 replays.

Now that I’m capturing a ton of replays on my PC I had to figure away around this, and here it is:

Do NOT choose the Media menu from the front menu.

  1. Enter Freeskate with any options and any starting location.
  2. Use the white back button [left-facing triangle] to pull up the backpack.
  3. Enter the Live option (the sidekick).
  4. Use the triggers to move to the Media section and load your replay.
  5. After leaving a replay with the B button, use the triggers to return to the media section (don’t back out all the way to the game or the front menu).

BTW, latest EA skate video hotness: Attack! (password: “attack”).

One thought on “Avoiding the replay bug in EA Skate 1

  1. bla says:

    Thanks! My copy freezes at almost every replay I view, so I’m glad I found your solution. PS: Sick video

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