Lying in your job description? You may be our Drug Czar.

The deeper you dig into the history of the Drug War the more craziness you uncover. You’d think an office in charge of drug policy on a national level would monitor science and policy outcomes and work to refine those policies over time, or in the very least not break laws spreading misinformation about drugs.

You’d be wrong! In 2003 Congressman Ron Paul found this out when he pointed out that it’s illegal for the ONDCP to propagandize untruths about marijuana, especially in attempt to lobby against legislation (typically for its medicinal use). The General Accounting Office’s response a year later? Sure it’s illegal, but technically not against state legislation! And since the drug czar’s job description includes doing “such actions as necessary” to oppose legalization attempts of any kind, why look into the misinformation claim at all.

If you’re curious to know what kind of lies come out of this office, I covered those of drug czar John Walters in detail on His writing is practically a guide for constructing logical fallacies.

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