More band road trips, please.

Someone go with me to see the Trash Can Sinatras in Atlanta on Sept 14th. They’ve been around for over a decade without coming anywhere near the Southeast and who knows if they will again. Yes, it’s a Tuesday and $15. Suck it up! I’m willing to leave early that evening and possibly drive back that night—whatever it takes, really. Let me know and I can buy tickets.

TCS tour page | you if you miss this

Also: photos of new the house.

One thought on “More band road trips, please.

  1. says:

    HIYA, Steve! congrats on the new house . . . i just LOVE the decor in the “Master Bathroom”. IT’S SO YOU!!!
    so, if youre looking for a place to stay if you make it to the TCS show in the ATL, youre welcome to crash at my pad. i have a futon and a clean floor for you . . . problem: if youre still allergic to cats, youre effed. my Penelope rules the roost. i am sure i can find a closet to cruelly lock her in, though.

    let me know!

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