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MyPage puts you in control of the current page: Remove, isolate, edit page items with keyboard control. On-screen print-preview emulation lets you see how the page will print while editing. (if you dug click2zap, try this out.)

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You must enable Javascript! (right-click, add to favorites/bookmarks or drag to bookmark bar in Chrome)


  • Click to select/deselect elements (can select multiple)
  • Perform actions via keyboard (mouse over [?] in the top right corner)
    Remove selected element(s)
    Undo removal
    Isolate selected elements (removes everything else!)
    Print-Preview (won’t be 100% accurate, but it’s faster than native print-preview on any browser I’ve used, and you can even reverse it in IE, FF & Opera. This is perfect for adjusting pages for print)
    Widen last selected element (a selected table cell becomes a selected table row, etc.)
    Backwards (move selection to the previous element)
    Next (move selection to the next element)
    Deselect all
    Copy the last selected element (duplicate is placed directly after the original)
    Edit HTML (of the last selected element)
  • Tested in FF1.0, Safari1.2 & Opera 8.5… and IE6!
  • Inspired by the Aardvark Firefox extension. They now have a bookmarklet version, but I find it too buggy In Opera.
  • uncompressed source available

By request, a step-by-step tutorial…

  1. Note: You must access this page with Javascript enabled.
  2. Under the heading “Get It”, right-click and bookmark/add-to-favorites the link “MyPage” (or drag it to your bookmark bar in Chrome).
  3. Go to any web page.
  4. Click “MyPage” in your bookmarks/favorites.
  5. A red rectangle with a question mark will appear in the top right of the window. You can now select/deselect page elements with your mouse and use key commands to affect them. (In case you forget the key commands, mouse over the red question mark for a guide)
  6. When you’re done, hit [Esc] or reload the page or just go somewhere else.

29 thoughts on “MyPage Bookmarklet

  1. says:

    wow, that’s awesome ;) How possible would it be to remove background images/color, and set it to white? I browse some obnoxious websites/blogs, that have decent content, but the colors are horrible on the eyes. would be neat to clear out, or turn the background colors to white, and remove any image/wallpapers/etc from the background.

    And well, soemthing’s still screwy with IE6. It doesn’t work as a bookmarklet, but when I use the link on your page, it does work. lol. Probably some security settings i have set.

  2. says:

    @adam:seems to work fine for me on browsercam (IE6/XPsp2) and @ work (same). Right-click, add to faves. The white-on-black would be easy: edit the HTML of any element and insert a STYLE element with * {background:#fff !important;color:#000 !important}. Did you try just pressing “p” for print-preview?

  3. says:

    weird. mind comparing browser settings? of the “Internet Zone”?

    Im guessing that’s where the problem lies.

  4. Godfrey Daniel says:

    Nice improvements over click2zap with the exception of the elimination of the enable/disable toggle. I have retained click2zap for instances where that feature is very useful.

  5. says:

    Great :)
    It would be very cool if one could deactivate the original print-stylesheets from a website with this tool.

  6. gaby says:

    I like it very much and I’m looking forward to other ideas ….

  7. says:


    This is no doubt a great tool but for some reason i can’t access it from a shortcut in the toolbar but there’s no problem accessing it from the bookmarks panel in opera linux. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. says:

    @islamguide: I have “reuse current tab” checked in Opera’s prefs. This might help. I dragged it to my “Personal bar” and it works fine.

  9. Lohmatij says:

    Is there any way to save a page, optimized with MyPage bookmarklet? I tried to do it in Opera 9.20 (windows), but Opera saved full version instead.

    I’m looking for a way to save only the part of a page I need, and still can’t find any sutable solution. I thought, your program could help :)

  10. says:

    @Lohmatij: When done making changes, hit [Esc] to hide MyPage, then activate Jesse Ruderman’s bookmarklet to get the markup of the current DOM.

    This is a noisy/lossy operation (DOCTYPE will be missing, document.write() content will be there, etc.), but I’ve found it handy for similar purposes.

  11. trevor says:

    you cannot right-click to add bookmark in chrome/chromium browser, but you can drag it to your bookmark bar.

  12. says:

    Looks great, but doesn’t seem to work with Chromium.
    click2Zap does though, so at least I have that when using Chromium.

    I was looking for a bookmarklet to zap background images and colors when I found your site. Very interesting posts!

  13. Relumal says:

    ur web pages are very interesting and quite informative at large….very good and thank u…however i have a snag in using
    in google-chrome browser…will it possible to how to go about this and to make use of your ” My Page ” details…

  14. says:

    Bad news. MyPage don’t works anymore on Safari. Safari refuse to execute it. Why? We can’t do anything to help you to fix this?

  15. says:

    Strange behavior… I now understood what happened but I don’t know why. Sorry for my bad english, I will explain some step to understand better.
    I have MyPage bookmarklet from some years. It worked well.
    It’ is some time that this don’t work anymore.
    If I ckick on the bookmarklet now (in this page) I have a safari page for not reachable sites that say (in italian) “Safari non può eseguire lo script “javascript: function………..[lot of code]….” perché safari non permette l’utilizzo di Javascript in questa modalità”
    But if I click in the “mypage” link, in this page, it works.
    If I look in the bookmarklet I see that it begin with two time javascript words, like this:
    but if I edit this it also don’t work.
    Anyway there is some others javascript bookmarklet that works. I probably don’t have the link but i can share with you theese bookmarklet for your analysis. I f you want You can contact me also via email.

  16. Joe says:

    Had the same problem as Antonio and found a workaround. Use this code:

  17. jb says:

    Thanks Steve for creating this! I’ve used it before and want to install it again on a new browser, but I think the installation link is missing. By analogy with the Click2Zap page, I would expect the section titled “Get it” to have a javascript: link which can be dragged or right-clicked. But the “Get it” section on this page just has text with no link. I think the “You must enable Javascript!” might be a clue, but I do have JavaScript enabled, and I’ve tried several different browsers and private-browsing mode, so I don’t think it’s an ad-blocker interfering…

    I do see a hidden script in the HTML source for that section, but I don’t think it’s the bookmarklet itself…

    If the bookmarklet still works in modern browsers, any chance you could resurrect the installation link? Thanks!

  18. jb says:

    In the meantime, there’s a barely-credited copy of MyPage at and it has a working installation link. I was able to install it from there, although I have no way to know if it’s the latest version.

    Another option to consider, for anyone else who came looking for MyPage and was unable to install it, is this alternative: which does many of the same things and has a built-in UI.

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