Still waiting on Opera

A whole six months after beta 1’s release, 9.5 beta 2 is finally out. At work I installed it over beta 1 and it works like a charm; the issues I was waiting on seem to have been fixed.

At home it’s a different story. I installed over beta 1 and the result was unusable. I got strange errors on HTTPS pages, and more cripplingly, Javascript files either don’t load completely (random bytes chopped off the end of the file) or don’t load at all. The error console tells me “Script not loaded!” Yeah I noticed!

I tried everything to get beta 2 working:

  • deleted the main config file and restarted Opera (“resets” Opera, losing all my bookmarks and settings of course)
  • uninstalled and reinstalled
  • uninstalled, deleted all Opera stuff from Program Files, ~/Application Data, ~/Local Settings, and the registry before reinstalling
  • did the above using both installers available

Each time I had the same Javascript and HTTPs problems.

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