Vera Lynn’s “I’ll Be Seeing You” preamble chords

This thing is way over-the-top schmaltz, but I still love it.

I   IV      I   V7sus V7
A6  D6 x3   A6  E9sus E7

  i                  N       V7                  i
  Am                 Bb      E7                  Am
Cathedral bells were tolling and our hearts sang on.
 Was it the spell of Paris,        or the April...

  I       C#: iiø    V7           i
Amaj13       D#m7b5  G#7         C#m
dawn?    Who knows   if we shall meet again, 

 E: I:2      IVmaj7   V7           I    A: V7sus V7
    E/B      Amaj7    B13    B7    E       E7sus E7
but when the morning chimes ring sweet   again...

This is great and all, but Jo Stafford has the better version:

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